Construction Cleanup

box2Construction cleanup services are a vital part of any construction project. Construction cleanup teams come in after construction is complete on the building, and perform a final cleaning and removal of excess construction materials. Moore Chore Cleaning performs these services for both commercial and residential construction projects and our customers know us for our thorough execution of all cleanup duties.

Even though our team comes in after you have completed your work, for us the work is just beginning! Construction cleanup usually means long hours, heavy lifting, and an incredible attention to detail. After a construction project is completed, our job is to remove extra building materials such as unneeded pipes, wiring, wood, and metal. We also perform an in-depth cleaning of the site, making sure to remove all dust and clean all of the windows.

Our main job as a construction cleanup business is to ready a new site for sale or immediate inhabitation. To that end, we make sure that we not only have all the tools to completely remove all trash and materials, but that our team is painstaking in their cleaning and polishing of your new site. You have nothing to fear when leading clients in a walk-through of your site after you have had our team out to clean!

Contractors and property owners in the Hartford, CT area know that they can trust us to always do a comprehensive cleanup job after any construction project.

Hire us and ensure that your construction cleanup is completed in accordance with your schedule and safety requirements.