Restaurant Cleaning Service

box3After the kitchen is closed and the waiters clear the last table, Moore Chore Cleaning is ready to go to work! Our company provides the best restaurant cleaning service in Hartford, CT, and we are ready to make sure that the cleanliness of your restaurant lives up to your high standards. We know that a clean restaurant is the first thing that customers notice, and our mission is to never give your clientele a reason to doubt your restaurant’s spotlessness.

The last thing that you want your patrons thinking about is the overall cleanliness of your restaurant. At Moore Chore Cleaning, we manage the cleaning and sanitation of your restaurant so that you can focus on your food and customers. We work within your schedule and cleaning standards to make sure your restaurant is always the way you want it.

Our team of dedicated janitors will leave your restaurant in pristine condition, ready to start each day anew. We take care of everything from the dining area to the kitchen to make sure your staff is always working in an environment that motivates them to do their best. Not only will your staff be happy to be working in a clean environment, not having to worry about cleanliness means that your patrons can appreciate your restaurant’s atmosphere and concentrate on what is important—the food!

A sanitized kitchen and dining area is a crucial part of any restaurant cleaning service. Our team makes sure to sanitize floors, walls, and counter tops to minimize the risk of food-related illnesses. Our restaurant cleaning service guarantees that your dining area will sparkle by cleaning both inside and outside windows, vacuuming and mopping daily, and wiping down all surfaces.

As any restaurant owner knows, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Make sure your restaurant is always putting its best foot forward by hiring Moore Chore Cleaning as your restaurant cleaning service.